We are a community volunteer organisation governed by our constitution, founded in 2013. We want to:

  • Encourage and develop support for the park amongst local residents, businesses and organisations.
  • Develop a constructive relationship with Bristol City Council and other organisations to improve the park.
  • Improve and develop facilities in the park for people of all ages.
  • Develop and encourage sport in the park for all ages.
  • Improve and protect the park and its lake as a valuable open space and wildlife area.
  • Encourage arts and community events in the park.
  • Monitor maintenance and services in the park, including park furniture
  • Encourage more people to use the park and to use it responsibly.
  • Improve publicity of events, issues and activities through the park notice boards and other means.
  • Work with police and others to reduce crime and improve security.

We welcome new members who support our aims and are inclusive of the whole community and all park users regardless of age, ethnic origin, ability, gender, belief, sexual orientation or political affiliation by recognising the value of our many differences.

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