Covid-19: We have suspended group litter picking due to Covid-19 as this limits us to groups of six and requires significant organisation and supervision. Our thanks to the many people pick up litter they find as they walk around the park.

Thank you for getting involved.

Adopt a Zone

If individuals / household bubbles would like to adopt an area of the park and pick litter there, please choose an area from the map below and let us know (email and we'll note it in the table - If you want to choose a "team" name, that's fine. We have a limited number of litter-pick tools we can supply, please email if you'd like one.

We've excluded the car park is this now has building work for the Z-pods.

Please read the Guidelines below before you start litter picking.

Litter pick map

Zone  Adopted By  
1 No one  
2 Sam H  
3 Kate  
4 No one  
5 Mary  
6 Pam  
7 Mary  
8 No one  
9 No one  
10 No one  
11 Beth  
12 No one  
13 No one  
14 No one  
15 No one  
16 No one  


Please note that individual litter picks are at your own risk and are not covered by Bristol City Council or Friends Group insurance.


  • You don't have to do this every day! Once every week or two would be sufficient.
  • Keep safe while you pick - apply current Covid-19 rules. Be aware of of your own health and safety and that of others.
  • Always wear protective gloves, dispose of them when used or wash between uses.
  • Cover any cuts, however minor with surgical tape or waterproof plaster before you start.
  • Avoid rubbing your mouth and eyes.
  • Wash your hands and forearms when you finish.
  • Put the rubbish in a bin when collected.

Do not:

  • Enter the lake or attempt to remove items from it.
  • Touch unidentified cans, canisters, oil drums, poisons, insecticides, clinical, sanitary, drug or sex litter. Note the location and report to the Council at If you find anything dangerous contact the police or Environment Agency (0800 807 060).
  • Lift large or heavy items, contact the Council.

Children shout be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult. They should wear clothes and appropriate footwear. Make sure they understand not to pick up dangerous items or anything they are unsure of.