There are a lot of thing you can Join In! to support the park, the community and have fun. We want to do more, if you want to be involved join the group or email us at

Things we do regularly and want to keep on doing

  • Hold a monthly Litter Pick - on the second Sunday of each month Join In!
  • Caring for the Park - working with the Council and others to take care of the park
  • Develop and tend the Community Garden through the Community Gardening Group - Join In! get involved in our planting sessions.   
  • Have a stall at Redfest each year to inform people about the park and group and raise funds
  • Hold 6 meetings a year so we talk to each other and discuss the park Join In!
  • Manage the Facebook group to keep people involved and informed about the park
  • Manage the group admin and finance

Things in progress

  • Completing the Lake Project to improve the lake and make it into a wildlife haven.
  • Refurbishing and improving the Wheel Park - this is now the Elevate Project, see Join In!
  • Planting the a Bee & Butterfly garden Done - needs volunteers to maintain
  • Working more effectively with the Council on maintenance and improvements, providing information on this to park users Join In!
  • Sell duck food from the kiosk to improve the wildfowl diet and raise funds for the group

Things we want to do Join In!

  • Get a diverse range people involved in caring for and improving the the park and to do these things!
  • Make the park accessible to people with disabilities
  • Improve park Safety and security - contribute to making the park safe and secure by working the council, the police and other groups.
  • Refurbish the popular John Deasy Play Area
  • Environment and wildlife - work with us to support and educate as well develop an Environment & Wildlife policy.
  • Recognise the park  as source of local community history and heritage
  • Enable and educating park users in to enjoy the park without harming it
  • Support Sport & wellbeing activities in the park - sustain and improve the range of activities including tennis, wheel park, basketball and the bowls club
  • Support improvements to the park that benefit the community

Things we are considering  Join In!  

  • Reinstating drinking fountains - the Council now seems to be more positive about this
  • Make the bandstand available as an art/performance space - popular in the 2019 survey
  • Refurbish the "cow sheds", kiosk and area around it as a community café and meeting space
  • Putting outdoor gym equipment in the park
  • Varying the times of our activities to make them more accessible

Why do we want these things? What are our goals?   

  • A park that is welcoming to all, well maintained and safe
  • A place that has a positive influence on our well-being
  • To support positive activity in the local community
  • The park is recognised for its value to the city
  • The park remains open, free to access and use
  • A place where wildlife thrives and the environment is cared for
  • A place where our heritage is protected and explored