There are many things we do to support the park and many more that we want to do, so if you want to get involved in some or all of these, let us know:  

  • Lake Project - see our plans to improve the lake and make it into a wildlife haven.
  • Community Gardening Group - get involved in our planting sessions.
  • Caring for the Park- we work with the council to take care of the park and suppport the improvements that the community wants.
  • Environment and wildlife - we support and educate based on our Environment & Wildlife policy.
  • Safety and security - we work the council and the police to help make the park safe and secure.
  • Supporting the John Deasy Play Park - we want to get this popular part of the park refurbished [To be added, we need people to help]
  • We support sport and wellbeing activities, including tennis, bowls and the wheel park  [To be added, we need people to help]
  • Recognising the park and as a source of local community history and heritage  [To be added, we need people to help]