Park Security & Safety

People want the park to be safe and secure.

During the first part of 2019 there have been incidents of threatening behaviour, assault and vandalism.

If you care and want to get involved, please join the group.

Responding to Security & Safety Issues

Immediate Danger: Call the appropriate 999 service. Never risk your own safety or that of others.

Criminal or anti-social behaviour: Including vandalism, driving vehicles in the park, aggression or drunkenness, call 101 and report it providing as much detail as possible. Reporting incidents is important, even if the police do not respond immediately, as it makes them aware of problems and allows them to focus their resources.

Other Issues: Including breaking byelaws, see page lets you report issues such as drone flying and loud music, please report incidents as this helps us make a case for better security and safety.

Proposed Policy (subject to discussion & approval by the group)

Item 2.10 of our constitution says we will "... work with police and others to reduce crime and improve security."

The Friends group will work the with the police, council and others to:

  • Identify and implement actions to minimise criminal and antisocial activity in the park.
  • Assist where appropriate, in the reporting and follow up of incidents.
  • Publicise advice and other responses from the police and council on security and safety to park users and the community.
  • Communicate the the views of park users to the police and council and feedback their responses.

The group will not support, promote or condone any illegal action taken in response to incidents in the park.

Proposed Actions (subject to discussion & approval by the group)

  1. Create a sub-group of Friends who will actively focus on security and safety within the park. This will include seeking new group members who want to take positive, legal actions to improve security and safety in the park
  2. Meet with local councillors and police to review recent incidents. Understand the proposed responses from the police and council to these incidents. Publicise the responses on the Friends website, Facebook and local media.
  3. Identify and implement actions based on the response from the police and council. This could include:
    • Looking for examples of how these issues have been dealt with in other Bristol parks and beyond.
    • Identifying and proposing additional security and safety measures in the park, for example lighting and CCTV.
    • Providing advice to park users on safety and security.
  4. Monitor number and type of incidents to judge the effectiveness of actions, identify trends and new issues to be addressed.