We regularly ask our community members to keep their eyes peeled for interesting wildlife and nature around the park. We do this because we’re lucky to have a park that is diverse in habitat and a thriving haven for all manner of flora and fauna. 

Please send you photographs (and any notes if you so wish!) to our designated email address info@friendsofstgeorgepark.org.uk, or alternatively post them via Twitter to our account @StGeorgeParkEco

When you submit your photo, please provide as much of the following information as possible:

-        Where the photo was taken

-        When the photo was taken

-        What were the weather conditions at the time the photo was taken

-        If you spot an insect or bird, on what it was sighted (butterfly on rosebush, bird in pine tree, etc.)

-        What the species is (if you know!)


Please do not try to catch any species in order to take its photo, or disturb it too much.

Please do not pick or dig up any species in order to take a photo.

Please do not put yourself in harms way when trying to take a photo.

For legal purposes, please do not submit photographs with people and/or faces in.